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Background & Trend

Based on the current market trend, Anti-DDoS Solutions is becoming more common, and there are many new providers coming into the market. Even local Internet Service Providers in every country is venturing into this market, as the demand from the customers continues to grow, where customers face increasing attacks and the size of the attack is getting larger each day.

Atypical DDoS attack isin the form of high volumes of requests sent at the same time from multiple points on the Internet to overwhelm network system resources or overload the bandwidth of the network infrastructure. Should a DDoS attack be successful, it will render a network infrastructure unstable or unavailable to its users. If the customers’ network or services are inaccessible, this could damage the customers’ industry reputation, which could materially and adversely impact ts
business operations.

However, it will be very costly for every Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Telecommunication Service Provider (Telco) to build a DDoS mitigation system to be readily available for the attack. As the attacks are unpredictable and coming from various sources globally, it becomes prohibitively expensive to predict and build their own infrastructure individually for comprehensive protection. The best approach would be a collaborative approach through building a sustainable ecosystem.

There are multiple design options available in designing Anti-DDoS infrastructure. Its dependent on various considerations and factors such as below:

  1. Size of the Network
    Depending on how extensive the network, such as the number of upstream providers, the capacity of the network to be protected
  2. Infrastructure Protection or Customer Network Protection?
    Is the intention to protect the internal Network infrastructure only? What if itis to protect the customer network or customer IP being attacked, which indirectly impacts the internal network infrastructure performance?
  3. Cost of Investment vs Risk Appetite
    DDoS has been always being associated with the insurance concept. Its always down to the question of what the risk appetite is OR how long do you think an organization can afford to be out of service or being disconnected from the Internet today.

Regardless of the factors involved, Anti-DDos Protection no longer being a luxury but instead becoming a necessity for ISP or Telco to provide as a service. The only
dilemma or consideration would be what are the best performance vs value solutions that best fit into an organization, especially for a Telecom Operator.

Being a Managed Security Service Providers’ (MSSP) with experience enabling ISP or Telco to offer DDoS Protection as a Service through building a sustainable
ecosystem, FSBM Managhas utilized different options that can best help our customers and partners as part of the ecosystem. This will allow our ISP and Telco
partners to be able to focus on the core business while able to protect your own infrastructure while generating a new revenue stream by offering Anti-DDoS service:
to all their customers.

Building a Global Security Ecosystem

Our success is built on a security ecosystem that encompasses global partnerships with service providers and technology partners. We design and develop affordable solutions that enable Telcos, ISPs, IDCs,

and internet providers to secure and protect their infrastructure at affordable cost, while making it possible for them to generate new revenue streams for their businesses.

FSBM Managed Sercurity Services team leverages on existing partnerships with regional and global internet service providers. Through our R&D collaborations with technology partners, we have attained reliable multi-tenancy system and multi-layer defense technology. We build on internal expertise to build a system to enable our partners to have more visibility by providing greater insights into their networks, thereby ensuring smooth and secure network operations. This successful partnership has allowed us to deliver excellent performance at an affordable cost.

We aspire to Make Security Services Easy and Affordable, and we strive to be the Best Managed Security Service Provider in Asia.

Our Solutions

Our Anti-DDOS Managed Security Services involves the use of our internal expertise to customize the solutions to enable the following functions:

  • Collect, monitor and analyse data traffic in real-time to create a baseline of the traffic behaviour;
  • From the baselining, it will then detect an anomaly that indicates a possibility of a DDoS attack;
  • Once detected, it will redirect the traffic to a mitigation platform to mitigate / filter allowing only the legitimate traffic to pass through; and
  • Most importantly to keep the applications and business services available at all times.

In addition, as we understand all internet service providers have different requirements, from the network size, number of subscribers and most importantly investment budget for ROI. Therefore, our team will customize the solutions according to the needs and necessity of the organisation to ensure the investment ROI will be fully optimized.