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Smart Manufacturing

We offer customisable Manufacturing Execution Solutions (“MES”) solutions to help our customer to achieve a lower-cost, higher-performance, and more flexible manufacturing capacity, from planning to execution.

MES Is defined as a computerized systems that provide solutions for optimizing and improving the manufacturing process for executive management, production floor managers and engineers. The system essentially connects monitors and controls complex manufacturing systems on the factory floor. The goal of the implementation of manufacturing is to ensure effective execution of the manufacturing operations and improve production output.

Industry 4.0 transformation is revolutionising the industry landscape with incredible interconnectivity through digitalization powered by Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Big Data Analytics, Combining automation, machine learning and real time data to improve process, boost productivity and drive growth.

IoT system Integration enables automation by connecting hardware and software components on the floor to enterprise business systems based on real-time data, interconnected equipment and products autonomously communicating and optimizing along the entire value chain.

Smart manufacturing solutions enable the digitisation of operations, production real time data transferring and automation of processes within
manufacturing facilities. The interconnectivity of equipment and hardware will optimise production and enhance operational efficiency without much human intervention.